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Research in progress

Project ID and
TitleFor more informationExpected end date

Completed research

Project ID and
TitleFor more informationEnd date
Policy Research Program
Vehicle Registration Compliance in Wisconsin Project brief (198 KB)
Final report (442 KB)

August 2014
Policy Research Program
WisDOT Customer Satisfaction SurveyProject brief (226 KB)
Final report (1.5 MB)

March 2013
Policy Research Program
WisDOT Focus Group Assessments of Transportation Financing Options in WisconsinFinal report (1.8 MB)

December 2012
Policy Research Program
Best Practices on Mega-projects and ARRA Projects Ancillary report 1 (1013 KB)
Ancillary report 2 (2.9 MB)
Ancillary report 3 (2.7 MB)
Project brief (839 KB)
Final report (2.8 MB)

March 2012
Policy Research Program
Scoping Data Access and Integration Needs to Facilitate Better Management of Research InnovationFinal report (2.4 MB)

October 2011
Policy Research Program
Best Practices Guidance for Workforce Transition and Succession PlanningProject brief (1 MB)
Final report (1.6 MB)

August 2011
Policy Research Program
Performance Measures for the Long Range PlanFinal report (711 KB)

April 2011
Policy Research Program
Internet Driver Education StudyProject brief (1.1 MB)
Final report (1.1 MB)

September 2010
Policy Research Program
21st Century Workforce Development SummitResearch brief (501 KB)
Final report (1.7 MB)

January 2010
Policy Research Program
Wisconsin Department of Transportation Communication with Local Government: Focus Group ReportResearch Brief (266 KB)
Final Report (353 KB)

January 2009
Policy Research Program
Synthesis of Best Practices for the Development of an Integrated Data and Information Management ApproachFinal Report (696 KB)
Project web site
Pooled fund web site

September 2008
Transportation Pooled Fund Program
Use of Functional Silos to Optimize Agency Decision MakingFinal Report (599 KB)
Project web site
Pooled fund web site

February 2008
Policy Research Program
Examining Stress Levels Of DSP Enforcement Personnel and Intervention Techniques - Phase IIFinal Report (213 KB)
Research Brief (522 KB)

July 2005
Policy Research Program
WisDOT Customer Satisfaction Survey ResultsResearch Brief (255 KB)
Final Report (2.2 MB)

November 2004
Policy Research Program
Local Roads Communication AnalysisFinal Report (420 KB)
Research Brief (194 KB)

September 2003
Policy Research Program
Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Occupational Licensing Program in Terms of Providing Limited Operating Privileges to Problem Drivers and Its Impact on Highway SafetyProject details
Research Brief (456 KB)
Phase I (196 KB)
Phase II (150 KB)
Phase III (347 KB)
Summary Report (130 KB)

January 2003
Policy Research Program
Develop a Mechanism to Measure Customer Satisfaction With Products and Services of the DepartmentResearch Brief (241 KB)
Final Report (959 KB)

October 2002
Policy Research Program
Wisconsin Off-Road Fuel-Tax Collection Process AnalysisResearch Brief (449 KB)
Final Report (441 KB)

October 2002
Policy Research Program
Examining Stress Levels of State Patrol Enforcement Personnel and Intervention TechniquesResearch Brief (456 KB)
Final Report (444 KB)

April 2002

Transportation Synthesis Reports

TitlePublication date
Research and state DOT practice on construction cost indices (459 KB)January 2012
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs: A Survey of State Practice in Operating Mentor/Protégé Programs and Increasing DBE Participation (12.7 MB)October 2010
Limited English Proficiency in Wisconsin (406 KB)August 2010
State Requirements for Licensing of Ambulance Drivers (219 KB)August 2010
Knowledge Management in the Transportation Sector (283 KB)April 2010
Aggressive Driving: Definitions, Laws and Prevalence (2.2 MB)May 2009
Training Supervisors in Winter Maintenance Operations: A Survey of State DOT Practices, Training Tools and Programs (174 KB)May 2009
Electronic Plan Rooms for Highway Project Bidding (85 KB)January 2009
CCTV Installations in General Aviation Airports (65 KB)October 2008
Achieving Accord with TERO: A Survey of Programs and Policies Used by State DOTs (780 KB)May 2008
Driver License Road Tests: Varying Practices and Perspectives (116 KB)January 2008
Geographical Analysis of Wisconsin (326 KB)January 2008
Recruiting and Retaining Young IT Workers: Effective Strategies from the Public and Private Sectors (113 KB)December 2007
Putting Technology to Work in Public Information: A Survey of State DOT Practices (91 KB)September 2007
Tracking Staff Time on Research Activities: A Survey of Practice Among State DOTs (108 KB)September 2007
State DOT Strategies to Maximize Research Implementation (103 KB)August 2007
Performance Measurement Practices in State Transportation Research Programs (1.3 MB)July 2007
Achieving Compliance with the Driver (100 KB)April 2007
Integrating Data and Improving User Access: Research and Practices of State DOTs (2.6 MB)March 2007
Setting Goals for the Purchase of Minority Business Enterprise Supplies and Services (83 KB)October 2006
Software and Systems for Tracking Correspondence: Practices Among State DOTs (42 KB)October 2006
Fraud/Collusion Detection Systems, Version 2 (82 KB)April 2006
Internal Auditing and State DOTs (117 KB)September 2005
Transportation Workforce Development (100 KB)July 2005
Performance Measures for DOT Business Functions (120 KB)June 2005
Processing Mapping for DOT Business Functions (305 KB)June 2005
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs Research and Best Practices (248 KB)January 2005
Environmental Justice: Best Practices for Involvement of Disadvantaged Populations (80 KB)January 2004
State DOTs and Native American Nations (118 KB)January 2004
Implementing Design-Build (115 KB)November 2003
Construction Vibration and Historic Buildings (72 KB)July 2003
Alternative Dispute Resolution (66 KB)February 2003
Fraud/Collusion Detection Systems (53 KB)December 2002
Daily Liquidated Damages (55 KB)November 2002
Contractor Prequalification - Quality-Based Rating (108 KB)October 2002

Transportation Literature Searches

TitlePublication date
Economic Impact of Specific Information Signs (81 KB)June 2007
Estimate Compliance with Vehicle Registration Requirements (68 KB)June 2007
Estimating Market Demand for Wisconsin Special Group Plate Sales (64 KB)June 2007
Strategies for Communication with Local Units of Government (74 KB)June 2007
Transportation Security (179 KB)January 2005

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