Transportation Synthesis Report

What is a Transportation Synthesis Report?
Oconomowoc rounadaboutTransportation Synthesis Reports (TSRs) provide WisDOT staff with a review of current practice and emerging trends on key issues, especially as they relate to the practices of transportation agencies in other states.  A TSR may involve a survey of counterpart programs in other states, a review of information on DOT websites, a compilation of recent research or any of these combined.  A WisDOT business area may use a TSR as a first step in evaluating processes, understanding business changes or identifying opportunities to improve practices.

How to request a TSR
WisDOT staff and managers may contact to request a new TSR.  WisDOT Research & Library staff require two to six weeks to compile a TSR, depending on complexity.  In requesting a TSR, it is helpful to provide a basic topic description, the goal for the TSR (e.g., predict the impact of a new traffic law) and any likely sources for information (e.g., state & local law enforcement agencies).

Search previously completed WisDOT TSRs
Search surveys conducted by other state DOTs

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