Transportation Literature Search

What is a Transportation Literature Search?Books on WisDOT Library shelves
A Transportation Literature Search (TLS) provides WisDOT staff with citations and references from research journals, manuals, books and other published works.  The WisDOT Library owns more than 40,000 materials and has access to millions of other documents through statewide, national and international databases.  Staff may use a TLS to scope research needs, understand emerging issues or identify opportunities for process improvement.  A TLS is also vital to avoid duplicating previously completed research.

How to request a TLS
WisDOT staff and managers may contact to request a new TLS.  WisDOT Research & Library staff require two to six weeks to compile a TLS, depending on complexity.  In requesting a TLS, it is helpful to provide a basic topic description, the goal for the TLS (e.g., identify new trends in vegetation management) and any limiting factors that should be applied (e.g., items published only in the past 10 years).

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