Research topic peer exchange

WisDOT research peer exchangeWhat is a research topic peer exchange?
A research topic peer exchange allows WisDOT staff to discuss key issues directly with experts and counterparts from other state transportation agencies.  A typical event involves two to three days of facilitated discussion with six to eight invited guests and the same number of WisDOT personnel.  Most peer exchanges include a report-out session to a larger number of WisDOT managers.  A peer exchange is an ideal method to gain in-depth knowledge from practitioners who may have experience in a topic or process that is new to WisDOT.

How to request a peer exchange
Since peer exchanges require significant staff and materials resources, the WisDOT Research Program does not offer an ongoing solicitation for peer exchange topics.  WisDOT staff and managers may contact to inquire about the next scheduled topic solicitation or to gauge the potential for an idea.  The success of a peer exchange is highly dependent on the involvement of the sponsoring business area, and a typical peer exchange process requires up to six months from planning through conduct and reporting.

What is a research program peer exchange?
FHWA calls for each state DOT to conduct a peer exchange on a periodic basis to review its research, development and technology transfer management process.  Similar to a research topic peer exchange, this event brings together experts from other state DOTs, FHWA and other public agencies.  WisDOT most recently held a research program peer exchange in 2010 on the topic of ”Enhancing and Evaluating Researcher Performance.”

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