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The WisDOT Research & Library Unit provides a range of short-term and long-term research and information services to meet the varying needs within the department. Contact a Research staff member at with your information needs.

Marquette InterchangeState research projects

The Research Program periodically solicits ideas for new research projects. We select and fund research projects across a range of subject areas, from highway materials and construction to multi-modal policy and planning. These projects are typically 6 months to 2 years in length and respond to a need for in-depth research to address a problem.

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Truck crashingPooled fund projects

Through the national Transportation Pooled Fund Program, WisDOT is able to pool our money with other states to fund larger research projects of common interest. WisDOT’s Research Program solicits project funding nominations from WisDOT staff. DOT bureau directors and division administrators then rank the nominations to make sure projects selected for funding address WisDOT’s most pressing needs.

For more information, click on this link.  WisDOT Pooled Fund Research Program

PondTransportation Synthesis Reports

TSRs are quick-turnaround reports that capture recent research and best practices on requested transportation topics. They help WisDOT staff learn from the experiences of other state DOTs, avoid duplicating research, identify new technologies and practices, make better investment decisions, and monitor federal guidelines and key transportation trends.

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People at a conferencePeer exchanges

Peer exchanges are multi-day conferences hosted by WisDOT that allow staff to learn from the experiences and practices of their peers nationally. The Research Program provides planning and logistical support, travel expenses, and reporting services for WisDOT-hosted peer exchanges.

CyclistsTransportation Literature Searches

Both the Research Program and Library conduct targeted keyword searches of transportation, scientific and academic databases on requested topics. The resulting TLS contains a listing of completed research and other authoritative information in the area of interest, along with brief descriptions and links to the documents online.

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