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The WisDOT Research & Library Unit carries out research on a wide range of topics related to materials, construction, policies and planning. The projects (including traditional research projects, pooled fund projects, Transportation Synthesis Reports, and literature searches) are categorized on this web site using one of the following nine topic areas. Below we provide a brief explanation of each research category to assist you in finding projects.

The “Site search” and “Publications search” on the home page provide two additional methods for finding research by topic, program, project id, year and researcher.

Asphalt (flexible) pavements

Research focused on improving the design, construction and performance of long-lived, quality hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavements in Wisconsin. Investigates compaction, binders, overlays, implementation of the Mechanistic Empirical Design Guide (MEPDG) and more. See all projects.

Bike/ped, transit & rail

Policy, planning, and design issues related to bicycle/pedestrian transportation, transit service and rail corridors. See all projects.

Bridges (structures)

Includes research related to bridge service life and durability, non-destructive testing procedures, deck joints, bridge approaches, substructures, and overlays. See all projects.

Business management

Research on a wide range of issues related to the day-to-day internal operations of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, policy development and evaluation and customer interactions. See all projects.

Concrete (rigid) pavements

Research to advance and promote effective materials, design, construction and maintenance for concrete pavements. Investigates Portland Cement Concrete, aggregates, base courses, drainage, implementation of MEPDG and more. See all projects.


Research related to mitigating secondary and environmental impacts, stormwater run-off, air quality, erosion control, invasive plants and more. See all projects.

Operations, maintenance & safety

Includes highway and roadside maintenance, pavement preservation, winter operations, signs and markings, traffic control, and safety measures. See all projects.

Soils and foundations (geotechnics)

Research to investigate geosynthetics, granular materials, aggregates, backfill materials, pile setup, soil compaction and retaining walls. See all projects.

Transportation planning

Research on a range of policy and planning issues focused primarily on economic development and impacts and public involvement. See all projects.

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