Pooled Fund Research Program

Through the national Transportation Pooled Fund research program, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is able to pool SPR-2 funds with other states to fund larger research projects of common interest.

Projects led by WisDOT

  • TPF-5(156)  Mid America Freight Coalition
  • TPF-5(270)  Recycled Materials Resource Center-3G
  • TPF-5(274)  Midwest Freight Pooled Fund
  • TPF-5(302)  Modified Binder (PG+) Specifications and Quality Control Criteria
  • Projects Funded in Federal Fiscal Year 2015

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    Prior to the start of each federal fiscal year (October 1), WisDOT Research Program staff evaluate availability of funds based on federal allocations, ending pooled fund projects and other internal factors. Based on this information, staff requests pooled fund nominatiuons which are then ranked by bureau directors and division administrators for approval. Funding requests for pooled fund projects are saved for a mid-year evaluation or the next federal fiscal year solicitation.

    Contact research@dot.wi.gov for more information.