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Research in progress

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TitleFor more informationExpected end date
Understanding and Complying with Storm Water Mitigation Guidelines from the EPAProject details

December 2015

Completed research

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TitleFor more informationEnd date
Policy Research Program
Develop an Asset Management Tool for Collecting and Tracking Commitments on Selected Environmental Mitigation FeaturesResearch Brief (1.1 MB)
Final Report (6.4 MB)

January 2010
Policy Research Program
Pollutant Loading to Storm Water Run-Off from Highways: Impact of a Highway Sweeping Program - Phase IIResearch Brief (394 KB)
Final Report (4.4 MB)

June 2009
Policy Research Program
Effectiveness of a Hydrodynamic Settling Device and a Stormwater Filtration Device in Milwaukee, WisconsinResearch Brief (458 KB)
Final Report (1.2 MB)

March 2009
Policy Research Program
Use of a Stormwater Filtration Device for Reducing Contaminants in Runoff from a Parking Lot in Madison, Wisconsin, 2005-07Research Brief (466 KB)
Final Report (560 KB)

March 2009
Policy Research Program
Fresh Water Mussel StudyResearch Brief (523 KB)
Final Report (1020 KB)

July 2005
Policy Research Program
Pollutant Loadings to Stormwater Run-Off from Highways: The Impact of a Sweeping ProgramProject details
Research Brief (376 KB)
Final Report (3.3 MB)
Implementation Plan (34 KB)

August 2002
Policy Research Program
Development of Pilot Archaeological Database (PAD) for WisDOT District 3Research Brief (175 KB)

August 2001

Research implementation activities

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Transportation Synthesis Reports

TitlePublication date
Lead-Based Bridge Paint Sampling and Disposal: A Survey of State Practice (4.3 MB)September 2009
Use of Compost for Erosion Control: A Survey of State Practice (497 KB)September 2009
Selecting Flocculants for Transportation Sites (100 KB)July 2009
Air Quality and Modern Roundabouts (69 KB)August 2008
Tracking Environmental Mitigation Projects: A Survey of Methods Used by State DOTs (94 KB)February 2008
Transportation and Global Warming: Defining the Connection and the Solution (788 KB)July 2007
Grass Swales: Gauging Their Ability to Remove Pollutants From Highway Stormwater Runoff (543 KB)June 2007
Alternative Energy: Turning up the Heat on Snowy Roads and Bridges (2.6 MB)March 2007
State DOT Environmental Programs: Evaluation and Performance Measures (77 KB)January 2007
Analyzing Mobile Source Air Toxics in the NEPA Process: Emerging State Practices and Research (433 KB)September 2006
Achieving Compliance with the Diesel Reflash Program (150 KB)August 2006
Restricting Diesel Idling at Construction and Distribution Sites (138 KB)August 2006
Mitigation of the Secondary Impacts of Transportation Projects (69 KB)February 2005
Environmental Justice: Best Practices for Involvement of Disadvantaged Populations (80 KB)January 2004
Best Practices for Controlling Invasive Plant Species (108 KB)June 2003
Transportation, Air Quality and Health (121 KB)April 2003
Policy Options for Troubled Drainage Areas (65 KB)February 2003

Transportation Literature Searches

TitlePublication date
An Inventory and Asset Management System for Completed NEPA Projects (85 KB)June 2007
Cost of Implementing Environmental Protections on Highway Projects (66 KB)June 2007