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Every year, WisDOT Research selects and funds research and implementation projects across a range of subject areas, from highway materials and construction to multimodal policy research. The program manages research projects within the state, participates in regional pooled fund projects with other states and contributes to national research efforts.

WHRP logoWisconsin Highway Research Program

The Wisconsin Highway Research Program was established in 1998 to carry out materials and construction research to improve the performance and longevity of Wisconsin’s highways. We utilize the expertise of university professors and students throughout the state to conduct needed research.

Primary research topics

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Bus on the streetPolicy Research Program

The Policy Research Program funds policy-related projects across a range of topics. The projects focus on evaluating the technical merit of current policies and the impacts of those policies on the economy, safety, operations and more.

Research topics

Pooled Fund Research Program

Through the national Transportation Pooled Fund Program, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is able to pool our money with other states to fund larger research projects of common interest.

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Highway construction workerWisDOT Materials Management Section

WisDOT Research provides State Planning & Research funds for activities in the Bureau of Technical Services in WisDOT’s Division of Transportation System Development. This bureau provides expertise used to develop specifications and new technologies, conduct forensic evaluation of construction materials, and carry out statewide quality assurance and materials testing.

Research topics

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